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Am I Really a Nudist or Is It Just a Phobia I'm Going Through?

I think I need treatment. Maybe a spell on a consulting room couch, or, even better, a long holiday somewhere quiet. Iím quite worried what will happen to me if I donít. Oh oh! Thatís another one. Agateophobia, (Fear of insanity or becoming insane) unless Iím very much mistaken. Iíd better lie downÖ

It all started a little while ago, when I received a letter from a desperate young lady who was absolutely unable to undress in front of her husbandóin fact she hated to see her nude body even reflected in the mirror. This wasnít just a case of advanced shyness or excess modesty on her part; it was an almost pathological fear of being, or being seen, naked. This was, understandably, placing something of a strain on her marriage, and she wrote to me hoping that I, as a lifelong happy nudist, could give her some guidance.

This sounded like a medical condition about which I was unqualified to offer adviceó(What could I say? ďJust get Ďem off girl and enjoy yourselfĒ! Not exactly helpful in a case like this.)óand so I made a few enquiries. I found out that she might be suffering from something called Nudophobia (fear of nudity), or possibly Dishabiliophobia, (fear of undressing in front of someone) or even Kolpophobia ( fear of genitals, particularly female).

All of these are recognised phobias which, though distressing, can be successfully treated, and I was able to refer her to a specialist who could help her.

She has contacted me recently, and fortunately is finding the treatment helpful. So, a happy ending for Vera (for that was the ladyís name). But the start of troubled times for me.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phobia), a phobia (from the Greek φόβος "fear"), is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject.

Now, in the course of my research Iíd come across a list of phobias so long that I feared I might develop wrinkles before Iíd finished, ( Rhytiphobia ), and the briefest perusal of this list led to the realisation that, far from being the healthily uncomplicated gal that I thought I was, I am, in fact, a seething mass of phobias, with an excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid all sorts of things. Itís no consolation to know that I donít suffer from Nudophobia, (see above) or Arachibutyrophobia ( fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth ), when I discover that I have Taphephobia, ( fear of being buried alive ) Atomosophobia ( fear of atomic explosions ) and Pnigerophobia ( fear of choking or being smothered ), not to mention Paraskavedekatriaphobia ( fear of Friday the 13th ) and, God help me, Helminthophobia ( fear of being infested with worms).

I've always known that I suffered from Aviophobia, Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia ( all manifestations of the fear of flying ) but I just didnít realise that that was what theyíre called, and with a possible worldwide pandemic of bird-flu threatening our health I think I might get Alektorophobia ( fear of chickens ) to accompany my Nosophobia ( fear of becoming ill ) and Nosocomephobia ( fear of hospitals ). Come to think of it, if this epidemic is going to be as virulent as the boffins say, it might be prudent to develop Pteronophobia ( fear of being tickled by feathers ) as well.

Still, at least I donít suffer from Oenophobia, ( fear of wines ) or Erotophobia, ( fear of sex ) thank goodness, and being a nudist I laugh in the face of Scopophobia or Ophthalmophobia ( fear of being stared at ), although itís just occurred to me that nudism itself might be a form of Vestiphobia ( fear of clothes )

Oh dear. Itís enough to give a girl Phobophobia ( fear of phobias ).

Anyway, I canít hang around here feeling sorry for myself. Iíve got work to do, and itís just as well that I donít have Logizomechanophobia ( fear of computers ) oróhow about this one ó Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia ( fear of long words ), or Iíd have to give up writing and find a proper job.

And itís no good you laughing and being smug. Iíll bet youíve got lots of phobias too. Check out The Phobia List ( http://snipurl.com/ngbl ) and find out; thereís plenty to choose from and youíre bound to discover some nice juicy ones with which you can baffle your shrink .

And me? Iíve got myself so confused that Iíve decided that only sensible thing is to have Panophobia ( fear of everything ) and give up worrying. Iíll get less of a phobia about it in the long run.

Submitted by:

Liz Egger

Liz Egger is a writer and a nudist who has spent twenty years of her life trying to persuade the rest of the world that nudism is an effective, wholesome and natural antidote to the pressures of modern living. Her book,ďThe Complete Guide to Nudism And NaturismĒ( http://www.nudistguide.net ) is a must-read for everyone tempted, or just intrigued, by the nudist way of life. She is also a co-founder and regular contributor to http://wwww.thenudecafe.com , a popular on-line rendezvous for nudists world-wide.


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